Thursday, July 26, 2012

My Classroom 2012-13

Whew!  I have been hard at work in my classroom (and my poor kiddos have been along for the ride!).  Last year, I didn't have much time to put together a theme since I got hired after school started, so I really wanted to do it up this year.

Our school is doing a music theme in the halls so our 2nd grade team decided to go with a fifties theme.  However, I decided to do a jungle theme in my classroom, so it's rock 'n roll in the halls and jungle in the class! 

I still have some work to do but for the most part, things are how I want them.  Come take a look! (WARNING: PICTURE HEAVY!)

Classroom door welcoming my 2nd graders.  You can see my zebra print curtain!  Told you it's a jungle in there! ;)

Hallway display.  I love the record theme and found the big plastic records at a local party supply store.

More wall space for student work. 

My door tag. Every teacher gets the same design.

Now that you've seen the hall, let's look at the actual classroom!!

Entry area.  This is where students will place their daily folders and store their writing portfolios.  The zebra pockets are to store notes and work to be sent home.

Close up of the notes posted.  I found them on Pinterest and hope they will encourage and motivate my students!

My SmartBoard!  Yay!  Every classroom in our school got one. 

Classroom library.  Still working on it and need another bookshelf to store more books but it is coming along.  My math focus bulletin board is right above. 

Close up of book bins.  I found the cute zebra book labels for free on Teacher's Notebook

Hard to see with the flash, but this is my Jungle Jobs area.  Each student will have a job to do and will rotate each week.

Writing focus board.  Still have a few more things to add but will do it as we learn about each concept.

How fun is my little stool that I painted and embellished! 

I am trying out a new math station program called BUILD this year, so I have my buckets ready to fill with games, books, manipulatives and activities. 

My leader board based on The 7 Habits of Happy Kids.  I'm so excited to incorporate this into my classroom to help encourage community and responsibility.

Word Wall.  I took this picture before I was completely finished.  I added more leaves in the corner and posters above it but you get the general idea.

Flash again!  This is the "What We're Reading" area.  I put pictures, characters, book jackets, etc... of our current chapter book.

Hard to see (had to keep the lights down so my kiddos could watch a show) but this is my organizer, pencils, and my Tattling Turtle.

My area.  Cute sign a friend from church made, my bulletin board, and lots of organization!

My teacher's toolbox, another Pinterest-inspired idea.  I will probably go back and embellish to cover my double stick tape! ;)

My nice clean desk.  Now if I can only keep it that way all year!  NO stacks or piles this year!

A final view of the desk arrangement (can't see all of them).  Since we have a jungle theme, each table is a different jungle animal- tigers, macaws, monkeys, etc...(I ever put zebras in there- now I know that zebras do not live in the jungle but it just sounded better than snakes or other reptiles!) 

Well, that's it for now.  Once I get everything else finished I will post an update.  Looking forward to this year but need to live up the rest of my summer.  My 2nd grade team is presenting at staff development this year so I need get my presentation ready.  But for now, I'm heading to Lake Fryer for some lake time with the family!  A little R&R is called for!

Have a blessed day, friends!