2011 Goals

My list of things I want to accomplish this year.  I am posting them here to make myself accountable and to feel more motivated.  Here's to a great year!

v  Become debt-free
v  Lose some weight & be healthier
v  Exercise 5x per week
v  Drink more water & take vitamins everyday
v  Get more sleep (at least 8 hours per night)
v  Study the Bible more- daily studies
v  Enjoy life!!  Make time for hobbies and family time
v  Read at least 1 novel per month
v  Complete student teaching
v  Complete teacher certification (after student teaching)
v  Make meals to put in my freezer for later
v  Organize pantry (label shelves, bins, canisters)
v  Decide whether to stay & expand current house or move to a larger house
v  Figure out all the settings on my camera
v  Take at least 1 picture a day
v  Splurge on regular facials and manis/pedis
v  Send more handwritten letters to family and friends
v  Take a fabulous summer vacation with my husband and kids
v  Have a romantic weekend getaway with hubby
v  Get flower beds cleaned up and in order and plant a few new flowers
v  Celebrate each new season by doing something special as a family (building snowmen/hot cocoa in winter; nature walk & plant flowers in spring; etc…)
v  Keep all closets and cabinets organized
v  Throw my children an awesome carnival themed birthday in June (Note: we had two awesome parties with different themes.)
v  See The Nutcracker with Abby in December
v  Go to more local craft shows
v  Make a new craft each month
v  Continue advancing my sewing skills
v  Learn how to quilt!