Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trunk or Treat

We had "Trunk or Treat" at our church last night, and it was so much fun!  Lots of games, food, and fun with friends.  I didn't get as many pictures as I had intended.  I was busy chasing a little monkey around!  Here are my kiddos costumes.

Abby is a "fancy" black cat.  Everything this girl does has to be fancy.  Sigh.  I made the tutu and it turned out really cute but in this picture it is sticking to her shirt.  I finally used a little Static Guard to make it lay right.

True to his nickname, Wyatt is a monkey this year.  Love the little banana in his pocket!

Sorry, I used the flash in this picture and it looks awful.  But is this not the cutest little black cat and monkey you've ever seen?!

We got some cute pictures at Trunk or Treat of some sweet friends.

Look at this cute conductor in his "train".  How creative is that?  He even had a train whistle!

How precious is this little sweetie?  I could just eat her with a spoon!  This is train conductor's baby sister (pictured here with her grandma).  Her mama made this cute tutu and bow!

What a sweet family!  Love the cute little giraffe! 

Abby, Wyatt, and "Dr. Parker" enjoying lots of candy!

Mama's little monkey!

Mama's "fancy" black cat!

Batman even showed up at our Trunk or Treat!  Terrible picture, I know, but there was a lot of movement.  Superheroes are busy!

I'm glad my kids got to trick or treat last night because they are home sick this morning.  : (  I don't know if we will ever be well at the Tolliver house!  They've been on antibiotics for 4 days but still have lingering, hacking coughs.  I was up all night with Abby because she was coughing and this morning Wyatt coughed so hard he threw up.  At the breakfast table.  Ugh, poor baby!  I'm calling the doctor first thing in the morning to see about getting some cough syrup so we can get some rest around here. 

We will have to miss the Chili Cook-Off after services this morning but I did send my dessert with Casey.  I decided to make a chocolate chip cookie cake. 

I decided to keep it really simple and only use chocolate and vanilla frostings so I wouldn't have to tint a lot of buttercream.  I found the bat template online and just piped around then filled it in. 

Have a safe, fun Halloween!!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Family Movie Night Friday

We are so glad it's Friday!!  I took both the kids to the doctor yesterday and found out they have sinus infections.  : (  However, they are on antibiotics and some additional allergy meds for these pesky allergens and are on the mend. 

Friday nights are "Family Movie Night" at the Tolliver house.  In the spirit of all things Halloween, our viewing and food choices are themed appropriately.

On the Menu:
Jack-O-Lantern Pizza from Papa Murphy's.  The kids love the cute pumpkin-faced pizza, and I love that I don't have to cook!

For Dessert:

Jack-O-Lantern cookie cake made by me.  It's not perfect but it was the best I could do with 2 sick kids yesterday.  The orange icing turned out to be more peach despite my trying to add more coloring gel to it.  I'm bringing a dessert for the Chili Cookoff at church on Sunday and am considering baking a cookie cake, so this was a trial run.

The Movies:

Dora's Halloween.  Wyatt is obsessed with Dora the Explorer.  I mean he LOVES her.  This episode was playing on Nick Jr. so I just DVR'd it. 

Max & Ruby's Halloween.  Both kids love Max & Ruby.  Abby claims she is too old for it, but it's always her idea to turn it because "Wyatt wants to watch it".  She's only 6, she's not too old for Max & Ruby!!

We are ready for a fun weekend!  Hope you have a great weekend too!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm linking up with Jamie for WILW.  I can't believe it's already Wednesday.  This week is flying by!

Victoria's Secret So Sexy Shine Mist.  Love this stuff.  It adds shine and smells so good!

Twilight Woods Collection from Bath & Body Works.  I got this set as a gift last year and fell in love with it.  The smell is amazing.  I especially love it for fall & winter.  I want to try THIS new addition soon!

Bliss by Bonnie & Camille for Moda Fabrics.  How gorgeous is this fabric?  I MUST have it.  I can imagine all the precious things I can make for my sweet Abby and my two cute little nieces, Addy and Ashlyn! 

Fleur de Sel Caramels by Have it Sweet Confections.  I adore salted caramel and ran across this shop while browsing Etsy recently.  They offer a variety of artisan caramels in flavors like Gingerbread, Spiced Vanilla, and Pecan Pie.  I think I'm going to order this sampler so I can try several flavors!

I have been on a sewing and crafts frenzy this past week.  I'm working on several projects which I'll post pictures of very soon.  Some really cute things!!

Night Castle by Trans-Siberian Orchestra.  My hubby got this for me last year, and I just started listening to it again.  It is not a Christmas CD which TSO is famous for.  The booklet that comes with the CD tells a story of hope, faith, and becoming a better person.  It's a mix of classical and rock.  Kind of heavy and haunting.

I'm always LOVING my sweet family!  Wyatt and I have been having a fun week together!  I'm glad to spend some alone time with him while Sissy is at school.

I'm LOVING that we have some fun activities coming up this weekend!  Family Movie Night on Friday, Trunk or Treat at church on Saturday, and Halloween on Sunday.  Can't wait!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


We're very fashion forward here in the Tolliver household.  Trendsetters, even.  Instead of following current fashion trends and styles, we blaze a trail and create a unique style all our own.  Here's a picture of Wyatt demonstrating one of these cutting edge trends.

We call this one "chapeau sous-vetements".  That's French for "underwear hat".  This trend is so fresh, you would be hard-pressed to find anyone wearing it on the street. 

Here's another one:

Notice how Wyatt can pull off the pink cowgirl boots with the horizontal striped shirt.  And the diaper pulls the whole look together.

Needing some new eyewear?  How funky are these lenless rainbow frames?  They make the baby blues pop!

Now you know where to look if ever you need a style muse.

“"Style" is an expression of individualism mixed with charisma. Fashion is something that comes after style.”   ~John Fairchild

Monday, October 25, 2010

Fabric Flower Pins

This is my first time linking up with Skip to my Lou.  There are so many creative crafters posting great ideas that I thought I would give it a try too!

I have seen these cute fabric flower pins all over the place recently, so I decided to try my hand at making some.  There are so many tutorials online for making a variety of different pins.  I used THIS one from Wise Craft.  It was so easy to follow and includes great pictures. 

Not the best lighting but you get the idea.  I just used fabrics and buttons that I had on hand.  I'm going to go shopping for some pretty fabrics and buttons.  I think next time I'll make fabric covered buttons to complement the pin fabrics.

These are the three fabrics I used for the black/white pin.  I used a simple white heart button in the center.

These are the fabrics used in the pink/brown pin.  I used a regular hot pink button in the center but wished I would have used something bigger.  I think a fabric covered button would have looked nice on this one. 

I couldn't find a swatch of the striped fabric but it shows pretty true in the picture above.  I used a daisy button in the center. 

I adore these colors and patterns.  Might need to order THIS for some projects!  Maybe some more pins.

Happy Monday!!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Christmas Wreath Ideas

You might be thinking..."Christmas in October?"  I LOVE Christmas!!  I like to start planning and crafting early because after Halloween, it come so fast!  I've been searching for cute Christmas wreaths to make (or buy) so here are some ideas I've found.

I found this one at THE SIMPLE CROW.  I love the sweet little gingerbread girl and the pretty plaid bow.  Very cozy and country.

How gorgeous is this one from Better Homes and Gardens.  I was at Target this morning and found ball ornaments in the dollar section in all colors and sizes.  This one is definitely on my crafting list.  Super easy to make!

Here is a super simple and precious idea from MARTHA STEWART.  Here's another going on my "To Make List".  What a clever idea for displaying Christmas cards!

Another great idea from MARTHA STEWART.  I love the elegant yet simple statement this wreath trio makes. 

Here's a really yummy wreath from A Bountiful Harvest.  They offer a large variety of candy wreaths.  Love the peppermint and the cute ribbon.

I love this Santa wreath from McCALL'S PATTERNS.  The hat is so adorable!  The pattern also includes a snowman and witch.  It looks a little involved, but I'm seriously considering buying this pattern and giving it a try!

I am feeling really inspired and ready to craft!  Christmas is on the way.  Happy Crafting!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Family Movie Night

It's been a long week, and we are ready for the weekend!  We are kicking it off with Friday night Family Movie Night.

On the menu tonight: Made-to-order nachos.  I like to cut up tostadas into four pieces and top them with refried beans, taco meat, and cheese.  After a quick toast under the broiler they get all melty and yummy!  I have bowls of toppings like black olives, tomatoes, jalapenos, sour cream, guacamole, and salsa. 

This is for dessert:

Brownie Pizza!  How decadent and delicious does this look?  I am going to start with the recipe found HERE but will modify it by adding toppings like mini marshmallows and M&Ms. 

The Movie:
We've seen this one before but it seems perfect since it's so close to Halloween.

Have a great weekend!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Blur....

That's what this week has been.  An absolute blur.  I've been doing all-day observations in the classroom that I'm student teaching in this spring.  Add a husband, 2 children, a home, laundry, church, a graduate level online course, extracurricular activities, and all other responsibilities to the mix and you get one very exhausted mama.  Finding the balance between working and being a mom and wife is going to much more difficult than I thought.  Prayers please!

On a much lighter note, I celebrated my 9-year wedding anniversary with this hunk yesterday.
I liked this picture because he's trying oh-so-hard to look "hardcore" or something like that.

When things get really challenging and life throws obstacles my way, I recite this verse: "I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength."  Philippians 4:13

Friday, October 15, 2010

Be the Influence

In our Wednesday night bible class, we were discussing influence and how one person can influence an entire group.  This has been on my mind a lot the past couple of days, and I've been thinking about how I can be a good influence for everyone I come in contact with in my daily life.  As a mother, my words and actions are shaping my children.  I have the power to teach them how to live a strong Christian life.  As a friend, I can encourage those I love and be a positive light in their lives.  As a wife, I can stand strong as my husband's help meet and encourage him as well as be encouraged by him in our walk with Christ. 

Sometimes, I think when you've talked and talked to a person about Christ and they just won't hear it, living a good life and being a good influence is the best way to reach them.  When you live a life that is starkly different than the ugliness of the world, people take notice.  I want my actions to speak for me in a positive way.  As a Christian, we must live in this world, but the world should not live in us.  I am far from perfect, but I vow from this day forward to renew my efforts to be a better influence in this world.

"And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect."
                                                            Romans 12:2

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What I'm Loving Wednesday!

It's time for another rousing rendition of WILW!  I'm linking up with Jamie, so be sure and check out what everyone else is loving too!

Rockaholic Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo.  I occasionally use this stuff when I don't have time to wash my hair before taking Abby to school.  It works really well but I'm still not sold on the smell. 

Ulta Shimmer Finish Nail Lacquer in Little Black Dress. (Photo from  I'm not usually a fan of really dark nail polishes.  This one, however, looks really chic and shimmery and more like a really deep charcoal gray.  I have it on my toes but don't know if I would wear it on my fingernails.  I'm just a nerd like that.

Perfectly Plaid Tights from Anthropologie.  How cute would these be with a sweaterdress and a pair of boots?  Love them.  There are several other styles that I like (aka- need) too!

Project Life by Becky Higgins.  I've seen this documented on several blogs that I follow and am planning on doing this in 2011.  I love to scrapbook but time is limited, so this is a great way to preserve those special memories on a limited time budget. 

I'm also LOVING that the sore on my mom's back turned out to just be an abscess and not something more serious.  Praying these antibiotics will get rid of it for good!

It also goes without saying that I'm LOVING my sweet hubby and 2 beautiful kiddos.  I'm so blessed!!

Have a great Wednesday!!