Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Colorado Vacation, Part 3

Okay,  the vacation posts are probably very boring for readers of my blog.  I have to document this stuff for us to look back on because I've not been scrapbooking much lately.  Hang in there because the vacay posts are coming to a close soon!  I have TONS more pictures (I took over 600 of them) but I tried to narrow it down to the major highlights. 

We spent lots of time in Colorado Springs- there is so much to do there!  We decided to visit the zoo since so many people we know told us it was great.  I must say, it is a really good zoo. 

There was a really great giraffe exhibit and you could buy food (lettuce) for a couple of bucks and feed the giraffes.  The kids, and someone else apparently :), really enjoyed it.

As you can see, Casey was being an excellent role model for all the young children.

The view from the zoo was amazing. 

The zoo was sectioned off into areas: Asian Highlands, Rocky Mountains, etc...  and there are many neat exhibits and things to do.  If you are ever in Colorado Springs, I highly recommend checking out this zoo!

After the zoo, we were hot and sweaty and decided to make an impromptu trip to Pike's Peak.  We had planned on doing it the next day but decided to go ahead with it. Boy, was it INTENSE!!!

Let me just say, this mountain almost did me in.  Seriously.  I hate heights and we were literally driving on the edge of a mountain with no guardrails at some places.  Most of the drive was paved, but there was an almost 4 mile stretch of unpaved, gravel road that caused my heart to beat out of my chest.  Abby was picking up on my anxiety and was in tears with me while Casey and Wyatt were laughing and enjoying the whole drama.  Sheesh. 

This sign was posted soon after entering the mountain drive.  Not only was I about to be tortured by the steep, mountainous drive but now I had to keep my eyes open for Big Foot!

The views were amazing.  (When I actually opened my eyes ;) )

It started to get really cloudy and I was so afraid that a thunderstorm would pop up.  I can't imagine making that drive in a storm.

We made it!!  It was so cold at the summit and we didn't have jackets with us.

Pike's Peak was truly amazing albeit a little (okay, a lot) scary at times.  If you decide to make the drive, just remember to bring along some Xanax and you should be fine. ;)


Emily said...

gorgeous views! this is making me want to visit colorado now! maybe some day!

Debbie Griffin said...

I love the pictures and comments. I sure want to go there someday. Love yall