Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sweet Abby

Today was picture day at school so I decided to roll Abby's hair in sponge rollers last night.  I'm surprised that she actually kept them, but she did and her hair turned out really cute this morning!  We were in such a rush this morning that I completely forgot to take a picture of her, but I did get one of her with the rollers in.  She laughed hysterically when she saw herself and told me not to show anyone the picture.  But it's too cute not to share!

This one is from the fair last week.  She talked me into letting her get her face painted even though I knew it would be washed off in a couple of hours.

She finally lost her first tooth last month (and was thrilled, by the way!).  The one right next to it is about to fall out too!

The Tooth Fairy went a little overboard since this was her first lost tooth.  I told her that she got extra money this time since it was so special but not to expect that much everytime.  (Otherwise the Tooth Fairy would go broke!)

Tomorrow I'll post some pictures of Wyatt and some of the onery things he's been up too!!