Saturday, March 19, 2011

Girls' Day!

Since yesterday was Friday and the very last weekday left of spring break (sniff, sniff), Abby and I decided that we needed a girls' day out.  After dropping Wyatt off at daycare, we headed to eat some breakfast at The Donut Stop.  Not the healthiest choice, but it was delicious and gave us the sugar boost we needed to start our day!

Next we headed to Barnes and Noble for a little browsing.  I love looking around in bookstores and usually find several books I want, but we were mainly just killing a little time before our next activity....

The Discovery Center!!  It is our local science museum/center geared toward children.  They have recently renovated and put in some new exhibits (plus our membership was about to expire) so we decided we needed to check it out.  (Just a brief note:  We went as a family a couple of weeks ago, so Wyatt got to check it out too!)  We watched two fun shows in the Space Theater which is something we can't usually do when Wyatt is with us. 

The new dinosaur exhibit is so neat!  The dinosaurs are robotic so they move and make sounds. 

The Triceratops babies.  Aren't they cute hatching out of their eggs?

Abby standing in front of a T-Rex.  It looks like he is hunting her!

After the dinosaurs, we headed over to the "geometry playground" for some fun.  Can you spot Abby hanging on the edge?

Ride 'em, Cowgirl!

Bed of nails.

After the Discovery Center, we headed to McDonald's for lunch (Abby's choice, not mine).  We had to wait forever for our food because there was apparently some hold up in the kitchen.  We got a little bit of a show when the man in front of us got pretty upset over having to wait for his fries!

After lunch, we went to Ulta so that I could give Abby a "makeover".  I put a little eyeshadow, blush, and lipgloss on her, and she was one happy girl!

Shopping was up next, of course!  We bought Abby some spring clothes from Kohl's

Part of our loot.

How cute are these shoes?  Abby has the tiniest foot (she's almost 7 and still wears a 10-11 in toddlers.  It makes her so mad!) so we are limited in the shoe selection. 

We found these gladiator sandals at Target.  I wanted her to get the sensible black pair that would go with everything, but in true Abby fashion, she chose the bright turquoise ones with a bejeweled angel fish embellishment. :)

We finished up our fun day by going grocery shopping at Market Street.  It was a lot of fun spending time with my sweet girl. 

We're already planning our next girls' day out...manis and pedis!!


Anonymous said...

The bed of nails reminds me of The Adams Family... wasn't it Uncle Fester that slept on that?

We just recently got an Ulta near by. I may have to go check it out.
I am all set in the makeup dept. ;) Do they have nailpolish there? Like OPI?

Debbie Griffin said...

Sounds like my sweet girls had a
great day. I am so glad yall got to
do all that fun stuff together.
Love, Mom

Kalina said...

Seems like you girls had an amazing time! I just recently had a girls' day with my little sister and it was so much fun :) Hope all is well for you and the family!