Monday, June 25, 2012

Abby's Sleepover Party

Keeping in the birthday spirit, Abby just celebrated her 8th birthday with a sleepover! (I told Casey to shake some sense into me if I ever suggest a big sleepover again, lol!)  It was fun, loud, and wild!

My sweet girl!

I seriously don't know what is up with the dark pictures.  My flash never seems to work over in this area of the house!  (Have I mentioned that I am not a photographer?)

When the girls showed up, they got to take a guess at how many skittles were in the jar.  Closest vote wins a prize.  I did not give the jar of skittles away as a prize but I really wish that I would have just to have them out of my house!  (FYI:there were 293 skittles in the jar and the winner guessed 290!)

I love the way that Wyatt snuck into the mix!  Casey took him out for the evening but they stayed for dinner and presents.  He was just being one of the girls!

I didn't get many pictures of the games we played simply  because I was busy helping the girls but we had some fun!  They played freeze dance, the beach ball question game, spider/fly, and had a clothes relay.  After the games, it was craft time.  I found a fun American Girl cootie catchers kit and the girls loved making them! 

We got her a Nintendo DSi and she loved it! 

Just had to throw this one in since Wyatt found his way in again!

They stayed up LATE...I finally gave up and went to bed but they were still going strong until the wee hours of the morning, watching movies and playing with their laser pop projectors.  So glad Abby got to have fun with her friends!

Happy birthday to my sweet girl!



Anonymous said...

You are a great Mom. Looks like every girls dream party. Makes me wish I was a little girl so I could have a party like that. Love yall. Mom