Thursday, April 28, 2011

Flower Beds

I spent last Saturday in my three flower gardens, weeding and planting some new plants in a few bare spots.  I have some early spring bloomers like daffodils, tulips, and grape hyacinth but most of my flowers are summer blooming.  Here are a few pics.

I am still not entirely sure what this tree is.  I've researched online at still haven't been able to figure it out yet.  I think I will take a picture up to our local nursery to find out for sure.

This is one of the new transplants.  It is a Canna "Tropicanna" and has beautiful purple, orange, and pink foliage with orange flowers.  I can't want until it starts blooming!

One of the rose bushes.  I have two bushes with these blooms and antother one called "Diamond Jubilee" with cream roses.

Since so many of my plants are summer bloomers, I don't have pictures of them yet since they are still in the process of coming up.  I found some pictures online of what my gardens will soon look like and will post actual pictures once they're up.  

(via Google images)

Society Garlic.  I used a picture online because it hasn't bloomed out yet.  This plant has a strong onion aroma and pretty purple flowers.  I planted this in one of my back flower beds about  5 years ago and it is still going strong.

(Google images)
Stargazer lilies are my absolute favorite flower so I decided to try my hand at growing them.  I decided to go with bulbs a couple of years ago.  They have actually done really well in my beds.  I just love their vibrant pink color and heavenly scent.

(Google images)

Shasta daisies.  These were planted before we bought our home over 6 years ago, and I loved them so much that I decided to keep them.  They are in my front flower bed so I get a lot of compliments on them.  I've had people stop and take pictures when they are in full bloom!

(Google images)

Jasmine.  This is a new transplant and is supposed to be a climber.  I planted 2 plants near my back fence so it will vine up it.  Can't wait for it to bloom.

(Google images)

My irises are just about to bloom.  I'm not sure why they haven't already but I'm looking forward to their beautiful blooms.

I decided to edge my flower beds with orange zinnias this year.  I usually plant petunias or celosia as an edger but loved the orange pop. 

These are a few of the flowers in my gardens.  I have many other and can't wait to get some pictures of the rest.  What about you garden? 


Anonymous said...

Awww.. I am so jelly!! :) I have been wanting to update our yard. Very pretty!

Love the layout, btw.

Debbie Griffin said...

When I was at your house Monday your yard is looking for pretty. Looked like alot of work went into the flowerbed. Gonna be beautiful in full bloom. Love Mom

Mrs. Huse Clifton said...

Looks great Lisa! And I love the new blog look. I have a thumb of death when it comes to planting:) I actually looked it to astro truf for our yard but my husband thinks it is silly. He would not think that anymore once he would not have to cut the grass.

TanyasTreasureTrove said...

Great last name!:0)

Following you from the hop!
Hope you visit me and return
the follow!:0)