Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Well, I finally took another step towards social media and joined Facebook!  It was kind of by accident.  I had inadvertedly set up an account in order to link to my Pinterest account and didn't realize that I had done it.  I was a little confused when people kept telling me they had added me as a friend on FB!  Anyway, I think Casey and I were the only two people on the planet not on FB so I guess Casey is the last of his kind now. ;)  My user info is here if you want to find me so we can be blog friends and FB friends!

Have a fabulous day!!


Cindy said...


I have enjoyed following your blog from time to time....just noticed that you are thinking about making it private....I would like to continue following you if that's OK. We have quite a bit in common.....I used to live in SW Kansas and Amarillo was our "big town" to shop in!! I am also a teacher (high school) and have a 9 yr. old daughter who loves American Girl dolls....AND owns Kit and Molly! We've been to a couple of the stores, which she LOVES!!

Isn't summer the best? We are all getting a little bit sad that school is just around the corner....our time has gone too fast!!

Lisa said...

How neat that we have so much in common! I actually grew up in Perryton, TX which was really close to Liberal, KS. Small world!

Summer is flying by! I wish it would slow down too. We are having too much fun!

Thanks so much for visiting my blog! I am hoping to post more frequently. Classroom pictures coming soon!