Sunday, June 24, 2012

Wyatt's Spiderman Party

Whew, we are been in full party mode here at the Tolliver casa.  Abby and Wyatt just happen to have birthdays 5 days apart so we always party down in June.  Try as I might, they never want a joint party or can't agree on a theme.  Maybe next year! 

Wyatt just turned 4 and is crazy about Spiderman, so we did it up in true superhero fashion. 

Wyatt wore his beloved Spiderman shirt and even had a blue faux hawk to mark the occasion!

The flash on my camera has been messing up (or more likely, I'll messing up the camera!) so some of these pictures turned out dark. 

I usually make the cakes but this year I decided just to order one to save time.  I did make the marshamllow pops!

Um, no Wyatt, you aren't 3 anymore!!

We had a pinata...turning preschoolers loose with a plastic bat is always fun!  I had to remind Wyatt to make sure the coast was clear everytime he hit it!

Spiderman (the mini version) even made an appearance after the party!  It was a great time with fun, friends, games, and lots of sweets.  I love my little Spiderman!


Mrs. Huse Clifton said...

You did a great job on the party it looks great. Wow 4 such a big guy, time flies.
I finally got my Wyatt too. I might have mentioned before that I love the name Wyatt. I had wanted to name 2 of our kids that but one time it got vetoed and the other it finally was a girl. This past winter the kids claimed a cat. And I hate animals. So they quickly named the cat Wyatt it hopes that would help me keep her. And now 8 months later we still have Wyatt the cat.

Anonymous said...

Very cute party. He is so lovable.
He is growing up to fast just Abby has. Cutest mini spiderman ever.
Love yall. Mom