Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Abby 7th Birthday Party

We've had a crazy weekend!!  On Friday night we celebrated Abby's birthday with a sleepover.  Then on Saturday, we celebrated Wyatt's 3rd birthday.  There birthdays are only 5 days apart and our families live out of town, so it takes a lot of energy and planning to orchestrate the birthday bash weekend every year to ensure that our families can be here.  But it's always fun!! 

Abby really wanted to have a sleepover this year since she is growing up, so that's what we did.  We originally invited 4 little girls to stay over but only 2 ended up being able to make it.  One was out of town and didn't make it back in time as originally planned.  The other one had a wedding rehearsal that ended really late in the evening.  It was still a blast and maybe a blessing that the group was as small as it was. :)

The Theme: Sleepover!  I took my color scheme from the invitations and favor bags; pink and green with polka dots. 

The Decorations: I kept it pretty simple.  I made a few tissue paper pom poms and wrapped some tulle around the chandelier in the dining room.  I just stuck to a pink and green color palette.

The Food:  Abby wanted hot dogs so we grilled up some dogs.  I found a bucket at Walmart that was the exact color of the green I used to decorate, so I bought it to put bags of chips in. 

These are rice krispie "pops" that I dipped in pink candy melts and sprinkled with jumbo confetti sprinkles.  They were a huge hit with the girls!

A painted flower pot filled with jumbo blow pops.  Another hit, especially with Wyatt. ;)

I had to have some fruit to balance out all of the sugary treats!

I found this sparkling strawberry lemonade at Walmart.  I fit the girly theme well.

The Cake:  I always like to make my children's birthday cakes but it was seriously a lot of work this year since I had to make them so close together.  Abby's was pretty simple.

I made a two tier chocolate cake with a vanilla pudding filling.  I tinted the buttercream icing pink and green and piped some various swirls and ruffles on the cake and then sprinkled with the jumbo confetti.  Notice that this is not a professional cake.  I had originally planned on piping stars on the top but my hand cramped pretty bad so I just took whatever came out.  (I've heard that your hand doesn't cramp up when you do it the right way, so I obviously haven't figured it out yet.)

The Fun: Abby wanted to play in the sprinkler, so I had the girls bring their swimsuits.  

I just love the picture of Wyatt.  He played in the sprinkler with a hotdog in his hand and then ate the soggy dog.

Having fun!!

We got Abby a Wii and some games which provided hours of fun.  The played Just Dance 2 and WipeOut.

Opening up presents.  Her sweet friends got her some cute things! 

The Jellybean Challenge!!  I had each girl guess how many jellybeans were in the jar (there were 533) and the closest guesser won a prize.  Since I didn't figure parents would appreciate me sending someone home with a jarful of jellybeans, the winner won a Smencil

Those are the highlights from the sleepover.  I can't believe my baby is already 7 years old.  Time flies!

Happy Birthday, Abby Rose!!  We love you!!!


Holly said...

Gezzz... You are a fun mom!! Those krispie pops are adorable!

Mrs. Huse Clifton said...

You did a great job! Her party looks great and the water looks like just what is needed these hot days.

Emily said...

Wow that party sounds awesome and the food and decorations sure looked amazing, that cake is so cool. Holly is right, you are a COOL MOM!!

Debbie Griffin said...

What a darling party for such a doll of a girl. Everything looked so pretty. I bet everyone had fun. Wyatt looked pretty cute with his soggy hotdog. Happy Fathers Day to Casey, he is a wonderful Dad. You are so awesome my sweet Lisa. I love you all.