Friday, June 3, 2011

Abby's 1st Sleepover

Actually, it's Abby's 2nd sleepover, but her first time to host one.  We've had a blast having her sweet little friend "A" stay the night.  (Note: I decided not to crop Wyatt out from the picture because he tried his best to hang out with the girls every chance he got.  It just seemed fitting for him to be in the picture.)

After we picked A up, we ran by Papa Murphy's to get some pizza for dinner.  Have you ever tried their S'mores dessert pizza?  Delish!  Next we ran by the snow cone stand for some snow cones and headed home.

The girls played dress up for the longest time.  A was tickled that Wyatt was wearing a pair of the dress up high heels.  Believe me, that's par for the course around here.  (He has an older sister, so what else can you expect?)

The girls asked for some construction paper and tape.  This is what they came up with: giant paper hairbows!  Pretty creative.  Abby had soccer practice and they wanted to wear them, but I didn't think the bows would stand a chance in this Panhandle wind. 

After dinner and baths, we popped some popcorn and settled the girls in Abby's room to watch a movie.  They decided on Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale

After the movie, I made a big pallet on the floor for the girls to put their sleeping bags on.  Despite insisting that it was lights out, it was after 11:00pm before I finally heard silence.  :)

The girls and Wyatt were up bright and early!  I made cinnamon rolls, bacon, and orange juice for breakfast.

Wyatt is always thrilled to have his picture made.  He's a ham!

After breakfast, the girls (and Wyatt) spent the next couple of hours playing inside and outside, until it was time for....


and pedis!  They loved it.  A was here for Abby's spa birthday party last year, so she remembered all the fun things we did.  She was ready to whip out the face masks and makeup too!

After lunch, Abby and Wyatt said their goodbyes and we took A home.  It was a great sleepover and we hope to have A back over very soon.  Abby has been invited to another sleepover this Saturday from another friend from church.  Two sleepovers in one week! 


Emily said...

oh goodness! I remember thos days... Sounds like the girls had a good time :) Have a great weekend!

Eric Bowman said...

Wow those feet are sexy I wet my pants