Monday, December 6, 2010

Blog Challenge Day 14

I can't believe it's already the last day of the Blog Challenge.  It has flown by!  Today's topic: Oprah's Favorite Things- What would you choose if you were in the audience?

Hold on to your hats, dear readers, because it is time for:

(Notice since this is Oprah's last season, it's not only favorite things but ULTIMATE favorite things)! 

Now scream like a raving lunatic!!!!!

Okay, on to the list.  Can't I just pick one of everything and be done with it?!  My list is geared more toward the really decadent (aka: expensive) items since in reality they will not be under my Christmas tree this year.

Sophia Satchel by Coach.  Being that I would never buy myself a $398 bag, this would be a real treat.  I love the crimson.

iPad.  I want one!  I don't even have an iPhone. :-(

Le Creuset Cookware.  I'm a big fan of the Pioneer Woman and she raves about this line of cookware, so it must be great.  Plus, aren't the colors just yummy?

Sony Bravia LX900 HDTV with 3D (with Sony Blu-Ray disc player and 3D movies).  This would be a crowd pleaser for my entire family (mainly my husband). 

Royal Caribbean "Allure of the Seas" Cruise.  (Enter crazy, maniacal screaming)  My husband and I will be celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary in 2011 and have been talking about taking a cruise to celebrate.  This would be perfect, especially if Oprah paid for it. ;-)


Kalina said...

That bag is gorgeous! I have never owned a Coach bag :(