Saturday, February 5, 2011

Another One Bites the Dust

Abby has been losing teeth left and right around here.  Her right front tooth has been loose for a while and Thursday evening was it's time to go. 

Here she is right after it came out.  Notice the blood on her lip and forehead.  Tooth pulling does not come without some drama around here.  She gets really nervous when we go to pull it out and has a mini meltdown but then cries if we tell her to just wait a little longer because she's afraid she will swallow it.  It's a no win situation. ;)

Here's Abby the next morning after the tooth fairy came.  Unfortunately, the tooth fairy only had a five dollar bill on her and the icy roads and subzero temps prevented her from venturing out for smaller bills.  Sheesh!  I got a dollar a tooth back in my day.

My poor baby Wyatt is sick.  I took him to the doctor on Friday because he was acting lethargic and had a slight temp.  He has adenovirus (our pediatrician called it the "mini flu").  Fortunately he doesn't have the full-fledged flu so he should recover much sooner.  Antibiotics wouldn't do any good since it's a virus, so he was given a good Rx cough/pain medicine, and I'm also giving him Motrin to break the fever.  He also has pink eye.  Yikes.  We are treating that with antibiotic eye drops.  I pray that Abby doesn't get it too because it's very contagious.  All this right before I start student teaching on Monday.  Poor baby.  I'm hoping Casey can get off work to stay home with him or I may have to ask my sweet Mama to come down for a couple of days to help.  UPDATE: Just as I was getting ready to publish this post, Casey walked in and said he is not feeling so well either.  Excuse me while I go out in the backyard and scream at the top of my lungs.

So that's been our weekend thus far.  A sick boy and a missing tooth. I'm counting my blessings though because it could be much worse.  We have much to be thankful for.  Hope your weekend is going well! :) 


Debbie Griffin said...

I am sorry everything is so crazy.
If you need me to be there, let me
know and I will come help. Give
my dolls kisses. I hope Wyatt will
feel great real soon. Abby looks
cute with her tooth missing. Get
to feeling better Casey. Love Mom

Mrs. Huse Clifton said...

Oh my goodness you have got your hands full. I hope Wyatt gets better and score to Abby. Mine get $5 a tooth too plus a few scratch offs, weird I know, I guess inflation has caught up with the tooth fairy. Plus I have also found that when receiving money the more my boys get they usually then go and buy an item for themselves AND their brother.

Kalina said...

Aw I hope Wyatt and your hubby get better! Congrats to Abby for losing a tooth and getting 5 dollars out of it :) I used to get just a dollar too...

Emily said...

Awww, Abby is so cute with that tooth missing, we only got $1 in my day too, I guess times change and our kids must get more than we did! :)

Poor Wyatt and Casey. I sure hope they get to feeling better soon, Being sick is no good, I think we keep passing it along in our house. UGH!

Good luck this week, hope things calm down for you!