Monday, November 15, 2010

A Rant & A Rave

Let's get the rant out of the way, shall we?

This is Rockaholic Dirty Little Secret by Tigi.  It is a dry shampoo spray that I bought from Ulta a few weeks ago.  I even listed it on my "What I'm Loving Wednesday" list.  Well, I take it back.  I'm not loving it anymore.

Mornings can get pretty hectic around the Tolliver house.  Casey leaves for work around 4:00AM, so it's just me left to get the kids and myself ready and out the door by 7:45AM.  Most mornings I get up around 6:00AM to take a shower and get ready.  Other mornings, however, don't run as smoothly.  I bought this dry shampoo for those mornings when I don't have time to shower before taking Abby to school.  I don't to look like the Creature from the Black Lagoon when I walk her to class. 

To the point:  I used this product ONE time.  It actually worked really well and did what it was supposed to.  The problem?  I picked it up to spray it in my hair this morning (yes, it's been one of those mornings!) and it was EMPTY.  What happened?!  Apparently the product leaked out after one stinkin' use.  And this stuff is not cheap.  I started reading reviews this morning and found out this has been a common problem.  I wish I had known before I bought it.  I'm so mad!  I feel like a took a handful of money and flushed it down the toilet.  Anyway, if you have ever thought of purchasing a dry shampoo spray, don't waste your money on this one. 

Now for the good news!

This is a Pedi-Scrub Foot Buffer by Spongeables, also purchased at Ulta.  (I like Ulta!)  It's a gel filled sponge with an exfoliating pumice on one side.  It works great!  It leaves my feet soft and smooth, and it has a wonderful fragrance (I bought the Lavender-Tea Tree Oil).  Good stuff.  Just make sure you rinse your feet really well so you don't slip in the shower.  Not that I almost did or anything.  I'm the epitomy of poise and grace.  NOT!!!  I was pretty much slipping and sliding all over the place, so just be careful!

So that's my personal product review.  When I see something works or doesn't work, I like to share the info.

Happy Monday!!


SayRah said...

The dry shampoo sounds like an awesome idea, but I'm glad i read this review and is not buying it! Thanks,Lisa!

Summer said...

The dry shampoo does sound like an awesome idea but I'm sure not gonna buy that one LOL....wonder if you return it if they will give ya a new one? Tell them ya used it once and then well it leaked out everywhere....

Ooooh I am gonna have to try the Pedi-Foot Scub....

Yay I have a friend to talk all things Matilda Jane now LOL....I love the lollipop skirt....I almost bought it but Kelcee has so many skirts i couldn't justify that one to the hubby LOL....

Ooooh do you have an etsy shop? Do you make knot dresses? I heart them! I buy them on Etsy lots....I would totally take a looksy if you had one


Bre said...

I would call them about the spray shampoo! The company that is, and tell them you would like a replacement or coupon to replace it with. My husband can't stand this about me, but if I buy something and it isn't what it should be I call them and get it replaced!