Saturday, November 27, 2010

Here We Go Again...

I posted a blog post a while back documenting Wyatt's adventurous take on fashion.  You may remember the "chapeau sous-vetements" or underwear hat.  Well, it's back...but this time it has doubled up.  I introduce you to the "chapeau sous double" or double underwear hat.

This is how I find him after his nap frequently.  He'll be in his bed asleep with underwear on his head and his pajamas off.  Sometimes I find him with his footed pajamas and cowboys boots on.  I think he has a party in his room at naptime!

A view of this fashionable hat from the back. (Yes, that is a saggy, baggy diaper...he just woke up!)

If only I could get him to put the underwear on his bottom instead of his head and start using the potty, I would be golden!!

P.S.- This is one fashion that I hope does not take off anytime soon.
P.S.S.- My French translations came straight from Google Language Tools, so if they are wrong I apologize!


Bre said...

So I finally get to see him with his underwear hat LOL

Debbie Griffin said...

Yes it is the cutest underwear hat
wearer I have ever seen. Love Nana