Monday, November 8, 2010

Thinking about Christmas Cards...

It's that time of year again... time to order my Christmas cards!  We just had family pictures taken a month ago, so I thought we would go with photo cards this year.  Imagine how happy I was to come across a special offer just for bloggers from Shutterfly.  Bloggers can get 50 *free* holiday cards just for posting about this great offer.  Isn't that serendipitous?!  You can read more about it HERE

My only problem is deciding which style of card I like best!  Since we had a family picture, a couple's picture, and a kid's picture taken, I'm leaning towards card styles that feature at least three photos.

These are a few of my favorites:

Love the monogram and the simple yet sophisticated style of this one.

I love the cute little trees and the pretty colors.  This would match the address labels I just bought!

This one would be really fun featuring just the picture of the kids.

Love this one!  I'm a traditional girl at heart, so I love the red, white, and green color scheme.

In addition to these great photo cards, Shutterfly also offers lots of other neat products.  I think my parents and inlaws would love to receive a personalized wall calendar.  I also really love the holiday story cards.  In addition to sharing photos, you can update family and friends on the events of the year.  You can also find a variety of beautiful personalized gift tags.  These would add a special touch to gifts, and I wouldn't have to do a ton of writing!

Hop on over to Shutterfly and check out these great products!