Tuesday, October 26, 2010


We're very fashion forward here in the Tolliver household.  Trendsetters, even.  Instead of following current fashion trends and styles, we blaze a trail and create a unique style all our own.  Here's a picture of Wyatt demonstrating one of these cutting edge trends.

We call this one "chapeau sous-vetements".  That's French for "underwear hat".  This trend is so fresh, you would be hard-pressed to find anyone wearing it on the street. 

Here's another one:

Notice how Wyatt can pull off the pink cowgirl boots with the horizontal striped shirt.  And the diaper pulls the whole look together.

Needing some new eyewear?  How funky are these lenless rainbow frames?  They make the baby blues pop!

Now you know where to look if ever you need a style muse.

“"Style" is an expression of individualism mixed with charisma. Fashion is something that comes after style.”   ~John Fairchild