Saturday, October 9, 2010

Fun Family Weekend

It's been a fun weekend so far.  My antibiotic and steroid medication are kicking in, and I'm feeling so much better.  Since I am still taking it easy, we have had a family weekend in. 

Friday night was family movie night.  I made homemade caramel corn and we watched THIS classic movie.  Afterward, I turned in early while Casey finished up all the laundry.  Yay! (Thanks, honey!) 

This morning Abby cheered for a football game.  Since it was an early morning game, Wyatt and I stayed home, and Casey went to watch her.  I hated to miss, but I didn't want to be out in the cool air since I'm still not 100%.  He did get a few pictures of her cheering.

Leading the pack:

Go Rebels!!

Saturday evening, we had our family Pumpkin Painting Party.  We usually do this later in the month with several other families, but we decided to go ahead and have our own.  We ate snack-y foods and then went to town on the pumpkins!

The Food:

Relish Tray

Crescent Mummy Dogs

Crackers, dips, and blue corn chips (not pictured)

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip muffins- to die for!!

Leftover caramel corn

Cute plates I found at Wal-Mart

After stuffing ourselves, we waddled outside and started painting.  They turned pretty cute!

Wyatt's patriotic pumpkin

Abby's "Cinderella" pumpkin

My monogrammed pumpkin.  I took the idea from THIS site but added silver polka dots and spirals.

Casey's football player pumpkin

Texas Tech, of course!

The finished pumpkins
We still have two more days off from work and school, woo-hoo!  More time to rest and relax.  Have a great weekend!