Friday, October 29, 2010

Family Movie Night Friday

We are so glad it's Friday!!  I took both the kids to the doctor yesterday and found out they have sinus infections.  : (  However, they are on antibiotics and some additional allergy meds for these pesky allergens and are on the mend. 

Friday nights are "Family Movie Night" at the Tolliver house.  In the spirit of all things Halloween, our viewing and food choices are themed appropriately.

On the Menu:
Jack-O-Lantern Pizza from Papa Murphy's.  The kids love the cute pumpkin-faced pizza, and I love that I don't have to cook!

For Dessert:

Jack-O-Lantern cookie cake made by me.  It's not perfect but it was the best I could do with 2 sick kids yesterday.  The orange icing turned out to be more peach despite my trying to add more coloring gel to it.  I'm bringing a dessert for the Chili Cookoff at church on Sunday and am considering baking a cookie cake, so this was a trial run.

The Movies:

Dora's Halloween.  Wyatt is obsessed with Dora the Explorer.  I mean he LOVES her.  This episode was playing on Nick Jr. so I just DVR'd it. 

Max & Ruby's Halloween.  Both kids love Max & Ruby.  Abby claims she is too old for it, but it's always her idea to turn it because "Wyatt wants to watch it".  She's only 6, she's not too old for Max & Ruby!!

We are ready for a fun weekend!  Hope you have a great weekend too!