Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Tale of Square Dancing Gone Wrong

Abby had a music/PE program at school this past Monday night.  The theme: square dancing.  I've been hearing about it for several weeks and couldn't wait to see the show.  Both 1st and 2nd grades participated and it turned out to be so precious.  That is, however, after the incident.  We'll get to that in a moment. 

Here's a picture of the kids and me before leaving for the program.

After we arrived at the school gym, Abby took her spot with her dance group.  Here she is waiting happily for the dance to start.

What a cute cowgirl, if I do say so myself!  However, things took a turn for the worse just moments after this picture was snapped.  Seemingly out of nowhere, a little boy came barrelling across the gym floor and crashed right into Abby.  His boot hit her in the face, leaving a bruise and causing her to bite the inside of her cheek.  It was a disaster.  She ran over to us, crying hysterically and begging to go home.  Not only was she in physical pain but she was also really embarrassed because everyone saw it.  Her music teacher came over to find out what was wrong and took her to get a drink of water.  It took her several minutes to calm down.  However, the show must go on!

Here's how my little cowgirl looked after the incident:

She was really sensitive after this and came running over to me saying that two of the boys in her group were calling her names.  After telling her to stop tattling and to have a seat, I gave the boys my "teacher look" and told the whole group to not call names.  Note: I found out after the program that they were calling her "Pinky" because her boots, hat, and bandana were pink.  Sigh.  I have a drama queen on my hands, folks.

Things got better after the dance started, and Abby really seemed to enjoy it.  Promenade!

Do-si-do!  Sorry, I'm still trying to figure out my new camera.

To end the program, they invited some "real" square dancers to dance.  Very interesting!

It turned out to be a really cute program.  We took the kids to get a Frosty afterward, to help soothe a hurt cheek.  It was a rootin', tootin' night.  Yee haw, y'all!!


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