Friday, January 7, 2011

Family Game Night Friday

We try and reserve Friday evenings just for our little family.  We usually make dinner, then pop in a movie or play games.  The holidays threw us off a little with all the happenings and get togethers, but we are recommitting to setting aside this special time just for us.

On the Menu:
Make your own pizza!  Since Casey and I are trying to eat healthier, we can make our pizzas with lower fat toppings without depriving the kids of their favorite: pepperoni.  I love artichoke hearts and roma tomatoes on mine.

Even though we are watching our calories, we're not skipping dessert.  Nope, not in this house!  I have a lot of Weight Watchers cookbooks and found a yummy, low fat recipe for chocolate fondue.  For dippers we'll have angel food cake and fresh fruit. 

The Games:

Trouble.  Oh, we love this game!  It's gets kinda competitive around here when we're playin'!  Abby always makes Dad be green since it's "the color of a booger" (her words!).  Yeah, it gets hardcore.

Operation.  Santa brought this game for Abby this past Christmas and it's been a big hit.  This is the version with the sound effects (which just happens to be the best part of the game according to my kiddos) which can get a little annoying after a while.  I had this game when I was a kid so it's fun to see my kids enjoying it now.  Lots of fun!

Time to get my game face on.  The competition looks fierce...


Emily said...

Tonight looks so much fun! Enjoy yourselves and play hard :)

Anonymous said...

The menu sounds supa SUPA good! The fondue.... O MY SOUL!

Moving on.... game nights are so fun. Great memories for the kids.

Debbie Griffin said...

I sure do love Abby's game face.
I am scared to play against that
little doll. But her Nana would
do it if she was feeling tough.
Love you Abby and Wyatt. Love Nana