Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Wyatt's First Day of "School"

First of all, I have to mention that this is my 100th blog post!  I can't believe I've blabbered this much since I started this blog last September!

Okay, so today is a really special day...my little Wyatt started "school" (aka: daycare, although the name of the place he goes to is actually called a day school)!  It is bittersweet for me.  I'm so glad that I found a place that has been highly recommended and had a really good "vibe" to me.  I'm also excited that I get to start teaching soon.  But I am sad that I won't be able to be home with him anymore.  I keep telling myself that if we are not adjusted after my 12 weeks of student teaching are up, I'll stay home until he starts school. 

Here's my big boy!

Wyatt did not want to cooperate for pictures this morning but I did manage to get a few...

This is the Kindermat cover I stayed up late making last night.  I can't have my baby napping on a cold, plastic mat!

*A note about nap mats:  I really wanted one of the all-in-one nap sets with the mat, attached blanket, and attached pillow.  However, I looked online and called a few places here in Amarillo and was shocked by the price.  The absolute cheapest I could find one started at $50 and they went up from there.  Since we already had a Kindermat from when Abby was younger, I decided to just reused it.

Wyatt's napmat, blanket, and PillowPet.  Welcome to the jungle, baby!

Here's Wyatt working really hard (notice the tongue!) on arranging his Wonder Pets in the schoolhouse.  This type of work takes extreme focus and persistance. ;)

(Ignore hangers and other misc. stuff in the background...mornings get a little hectic around here.)

I couldn't leave Abby out this post, even if it's not her first day of school!

When I dropped Wyatt off this morning, I stayed a while to get him adjusted (actually, it was more for me).  He was doing great, playing with the other kids and having fun.  I really like his teacher from what I've seen.  She has the sweetest personality.  Of course I had to call to check on him just a bit ago, and she told me he is doing great.  No trouble (so far!).  Whew!

Abby was really concerned about her baby brother this morning.  She knew that this is his first time away from me and she was really worried about how he would adjust.  She is a little mama hen when it comes to her brother.  I surprised her with lunch from Rosa's at school today so I could reassure her that he is fine. 

The moral of this story:  Hold your babies tight because they grow up too fast.


Emily said...

Ahh, so sweet! They do grow up too fast, I cannot believe how fast time goes and I dread my little one going to real school. You're a brave Mama and I'm sure you all will adjust! Congrats to Wyatt on his first day!

Kalina said...

This is so cute :) I hope to be a good momma like you one day! I LOVE the jungle theme he has going with his nap stuff!

Kristy said...

Hope it's a GREAT first day!!

Anonymous said...

Bless.. I can ONLY imagine what kind of day it is for ya. ((hugs))

CUUU-UTE mat, blanket and (is that a pillowpet?) pillow.... I love how it all matches.

Jacqueline said...

I love her tights! Big sisters are awesome like that! and you are right the little ones grow so fast. I wish I would have appreciated them more when they were babies. Well thankfully God is redeeming the time

Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas said...

they do grow up way too fast! My oldest turns 5 in 2 weeks and I seriously look at her and see her baby face - and i mean the face I looked upon on the day she was born! Where does the time go?

Good luck to both of you with the adjustment - keep us all posted!


Debbie Griffin said...

Good job Wyatt on your first day of
school. Nana is very proud of you.
Abby you are the very best big sister.
Nana loves you so much. Lisa you the
best little mama. Love Mom

Teresa Choplin @ tchoplin2009(at)gmail(dot)com said...

This is a milestone in his life. Enjoy, mine were just that age it seems like!

I'm a new follower, found you the Tuesday Blog Hop, please feel free sometime to stop by my blog, and link up to my Swimmin by Sunday Blog Hop to, still open.

Judy said...

You are right our little ones grow up too fast. I can not believe my daughter is in kindergarten. Thank you for visiting my blog. Have a great day!

Mrs. Huse Clifton said...

Couldn't love Abby's outfit more she is darling. He will do fine and have so much fun. It is always so much harder on mom than anyone.

Melissa Jo said...

I love your safari theme you went with for Wyatt's nap things!

Jessica said...

They do grow up too fast!!

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