Monday, January 24, 2011

Valentine's Day Chair Backers

Are y'all already tired of me posting about Valentine's Day yet?  It's still a few weeks away, but I wanted to prepare ahead for it since I'm starting work (aka: student teaching) on Feb. 7.  I mentioned a while back how much I loved these chair backers from Pottery Barn Kids.

Aren't they precious?  I really wanted to order them but thought I could make them cheaper.  And then when I decided to just order them instead of spending the time to make them, they were sold out.  Story of my life!

Well, I did go ahead and make them.  Granted they aren't nearly as perfect as the PBK ones, but my kids love them all the same.  I found THIS wonderful tutorial that helped me achieve my goal. 

Here are the two I made for my kids.  They look wonky in this picture but actually look better in person.  I'm not a professional by any stretch of the imagination so there are definitely some imperfections!

This is the lining of Wyatt's bag.  I was originally going to use this one for Abby's but decided to go with something else.  I did the inset heart on the front in the same fabric.

Here is the lining of Abby's bag.  I knew I would regret using the soft minky fabric.  It's beautiful and soft but it is SO difficult to work with.  It is so slippery and I had the worst time trying to get the seams to stay lined up.  I just finished another project with it and had no idea what I was getting myself into!  If anyone has any tips for working with it, please let me know.

Instead of inseting the heart on Abby's bag, I appliqued it on and topstitched around it.  Then I used iron-on, flocked letters to personalize them.  Easy peasy!

I've already bought all the goodies to fill the bags with, so I can sit back and relax until Valentine's Day.  {Unless I come across something else that I just HAVE to make. ;) }

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Kalina said...

Those turned out so great! Goodness I wish I was that crafty :)

Kristy said...

very cute!

Love Being A Nonny said...

Will you give us a tutorial or something to show how you made them?

Anonymous said...

Those are PRESH!! I love the minky material. That's soooo BIG around here.

Thumbs up from me,girl. :o}

Courtney said...

very cute and so much better than the PB ones cause you made them :)

Debbie Griffin said...

They turned out so good. Love them.
Nana has stuff to put in them.I
can't wait!

DANA said...

That's great! If you have not been by yet, make sure you enter my linky contest! The best of January 2011 will be showered with prizes! I also have some great Valentines giveaways going on right now!

Tracy said...

Very cute!!! I love this idea....maybe I can make some before Valentine's Day!