Saturday, January 29, 2011

Randomness from the Past Few Days

I feel like I haven't been on here in forever even though it's only been a few days!  I schedule the vast majority of my posts and try and do a few at once.  This leaves me more free time (what's that?) to read my favorite blogs. 

I scanned Mamaw's funeral program.  She made the quilt pictured above. 

This past week has been busy and somewhat hectic.  If you are a regular reader, you know that Casey and the kids went to Altus, OK on Thursday for his Mamaw's funeral.  They left right after school Thursday and the funeral was Friday.  I was really stressed about Casey taking the kids overnight.  Don't get me wrong, Casey is an excellent father and I completely trust him.  He's just never had the kids alone overnight before.  He had originally planned on staying until Saturday, but they ended up coming back Friday night really late.  I think he had a dose of reality!

I just want to thank you all again for the sweet comments, condolences, thoughts, and prayers regarding Mamaw's passing.  I'm so blessed to have such sweet, caring blog friends!

I was not able to attend the funeral on Friday because I had a mandatory student teaching seminar to attend.  It started at 8am and lasted until 4pm.  I was so sad that I had to miss Mamaw's funeral, but I tried really hard to make the most of the seminar.  I got so much out of it.  Things that will come in really handy once I start student teaching and especially when I have my own classroom.  (If I am lucky enough to get one...Texas is facing massive budget cuts in public education.  Pray for me.)

Since the past few days have been completely crazy, we've had to eat on the run a lot.  Trying to eat healthy from fast food restaurants is not easy.  Now that everyone is back home we can enjoy eating our normal dinners again.  I made baked salmon, wild rice, and sauteed spinach with garlic and it was so good!  It was wholesome and light, kind of like "spa" food (minus the spa).  *The plates that I served this meal on were my great-grandmother Helen's wedding china.  How special is that!*

I did a little shopping for the kids today at Old Navy.  They just happened to be having a 30% off sale so I got some really good deals.  Plus I picked up a really cute scarf for me!

First of all, I apologize for the cruddy picture.  I took it of myself in my bathroom.  Genius, I know.  I'm really wanting to do something different to my hair.  I don't want to cut the length off but I would like a slight color change.  Any suggestions?  (I need a facial in a bad way too!)

I'm certain this post is full of typos of every kind.  It's been a long day!  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Debbie Griffin said...

You are so beautiful. You don't
need to change anything. You have
done a great job of getting through
this tough week. Good job! Love
your Mom.

Lisa said...

Love you, Mama! You're the best!

Kalina said...

Praying for you to get a teaching job through those budget cuts! <33

That salmon looks absolutely's making me hungry LOL and I think your hair looks so cute as it is- I love the layers! Hmmm maybe a slight color change could be like a strawberry blonde? It's like a blonde that's got just a little bit of red in it. I think it looks great now though! :)

Anonymous said...

Fingers and toes crossed on the job.
I really miss teaching!!

I am just happy to cover my grays. HA-- I am NO good at color choices. But, definitely post pics of whatever you choose!