Sunday, January 2, 2011

Favorite Holiday Memory

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Day 2: Favorite Holiday Memory

Wow, it's hard to choose because I have so many.  I really enjoyed taking Abby to see The Nutcracker, just the two of us.

This was our second year to go together.  It is such a nice mother/daughter time, and she just loves it! 

Here is the ornament we chose to commerate this year's show.  We chose a ballet slipper last year, but Abby was set on an ice skate. :-)

I also loved that we adopted our elf Charlie this year.  {We tried to do the traditional Elf on the Shelf but my kids were scared of him, so our family got a really special elf instead! ;-)}

I had no idea how much joy this little guy would bring to our holiday season.  My kids, especially Abby, loved waking up every morning to find him.  Abby was so sad when he left...she cried and my heart was a little broken.  He did leave her a note assuring us that he would be back next year. 

This was truly our best Christmas ever, so we made so many memories that I'll cherish forever, but nothing can compare to seeing the look on my children's faces on Christmas morning!  Christmas is just magicial when you have little kids.


Kit said...

I bet Christmas is magical when you have children. I can not wait for the day. I know that Christmas will have a totally new meaning!

Emily said...

Great Christmas memories! I think we'll do the elf on the shelf with Cooper and any future kids around the Johnson household once Coop gets old enough to know what happens!

Anonymous said...

Great memories. I have heard of the elf and can't wait to be able to use that same magical fun with my own kids!

Kristy said...

Now I'm going to have to look up the "elf on a shelf"! I'm curious :)

silvergirl said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!
Enjoy those babies of yours!
They grow up way too fast
Mine are now 17 & 19!

star said...

Truly amazing memories! I cannot wait until we have children, and begin to make these magical memories!

Anonymous said...

The elf Charlie is a cutie!!